Robbery of the Dorado Casino in San José in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the Dorado casino in San José was robbed by unidentified individuals on the night of April 5. The criminals eliminated the casino keeper who was outside, before fleeing with $ 24,500 in cash. An investigation has been opened, and police believe it was the work of a well-prepared criminal organization.

1 death and more than 20,000 dollars stolen

On April 5, the Dorado Casino in San José (capital of Costa Rica) was the object of a robbery worthy of Hollywood films. It was precisely 3 a.m., when 9 armed and masked individuals infiltrated the establishment in San José, before threatening the owner of the establishment, as well as his employees. The goalie (named Edgar Martin Castro Naranjo and aged 52) who was outside during the forfeit was doing his bike round when all of a sudden he noticed that unusual things were going on within the free credit slot ewallet. ‘establishment. He rushes valiantly to the source of the noises to see what was going on in the building.

But unfortunately, in possession of a modest weapon, the guard could do nothing in front of the guns of the robbers. In fact, one of the robbers, who watched the door, did not hesitate to shoot 3 to 4 bullets in the upper body of Edgar the guard. These bullet holes created injuries so severe that the casino attendant died before the emergency arrived. A few minutes later, the criminals took with them 8,000,000 Costa Rican columns (approximately $ 13,000) and $ 11,500.

Costa Rican police say criminal organization in action

Coming well after the facts, the Costa Rican police opened an investigation into this robbery. According to Mr. Marco Carrion, head of the homicide cell of the Costa Rican police, this attack is probably the result of a well-structured criminal organization. Indeed, he notes free credit ewallet slot that this attack is an action well planned and well executed with precision. At his expense, he questions the fact that the robbers used two vehicles, and that the robbery was carried out methodically without leaving anything to chance. Police believe there were more than 6 criminals on April 5, and each of them had a specific job to do. Police also reportedly managed to identify a blue vehicle and a silver vehicle as the two vehicles used by the criminals.

However, despite the fact that significant information has not yet been found, the cameras of the establishment still leave much hope for the continuation of the investigation. It only remains to hope that these thugs will pay even for this guardian, from whom they took his life.