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What is STAAR Test Maker?

The name says it all!

STAAR Test Maker allows educators to quickly and easily create a nearly infinite amount of reliable and rigorous STAAR-aligned tests by combining user-friendly software with an item bank of over 60,000 items.

STAAR TEST Maker is a one-time purchase enabling Texas school districts to lower costs while increasing the effectiveness of progress monitoring programs.

Best of all, STAAR Test Maker is highly predictive of STAAR scores! Click here to download the report.

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Use STAAR Test Maker to create:

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Formative assessments
  • Interim assessments
  • Progress monitoring tests
  • End-of-unit quizzes
  • End-of-course tests
  • School-wide summative assessments
  • District-wide summative assessments
  • Transadapted Spanish tests

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